Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Murphy's Law Hat and a surprise HSF

I've made a cap and a headscarf but never a proper hat until now. The pattern was from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library a reproduction of Simplicity 1353 dated 1934. I made the caplet from this pattern for my first Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge.  Incidentally Murphy also qualifies for the Historical Sew Fortnightly for Challenge #13: Under $10.
The fabric is a raspberry colored suiting from Joann's that I made my 1936 Suit from (that I haven't posted about yet. oops.)
The lining is also from that suit and is just a poly/cotton mix.
 This was my first time working with crinoline and also using self covered buttons. The Self covered buttons were good practice for what I actually bought the kit for, a Frankensteined Ike Jacket, because I found out a ball pein hammer works better than the little blue plastic setter the kit gives you.  But let's get back to the fact that this hat fought me the whole time I was making it. The fabric argued with me, the directions tricked me, I wasted at least 4 button backs, and I sewed every seam at least twice. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.  One other fix I had to do was add a pipe cleaner to one of the seams because it kept wanting to collapse for some reason but I fixed that too. But I kept hacking away at it and now I have a very stylish hat named Murphy.

The Challenge: # 13 Under $10

Fabric: Raspberry Colored Suiting Fabric and Purple poly/cotton lining.

Pattern: Vintage Pattern Lending Library 1930 Ladies Hat, Gloves, Purse and Collar Ensemble a reproduction of Simplicity 1353

Year: 1934

Notions: 4 Self Covered buttons

Hours to complete: About a week of on/off sewing

First worn: Not yet. 

Total cost: Pattern $15 but since it has four items I'm saying the pattern for the hat cost $3.75, Crinoline was $2.99, Fabric scraps from stash, Self Covered Buttons free, and thread was also from my  stash. So Murphy cost $6.74

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nankeen Boot Giveaway

American Duchess is hosting a giveaway for her newest shoe, the Nankeen Boot. This lovely addition to her growing line is suitable for 1800-1820 and can be dyed to match your dress or riding habit. So scurry over to http://americanduchess.blogspot.com/2014/02/nankeen-regency-boots-giveaway.html to enter!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HSF Challenge 3: Pink

I finished this one early as I didn't do challenge two; while I'm away at school I figure I'll try to do the half marathon and if I'm luck over summer I can do all of the challenges. The third challenge in the 2014 Historical Sew Fortnightly is due February 15th and the challenge is pink. Awhile ago I bought some pink jersey fabric for McCall 1358,
the pattern is from 1947and featured in McCalls Style News for September of that year. My pattern is not the colored version at the botton, I was looking into that and it seems patterns printed in Australia and New Zealand sometimes did not have colored envelopes. Even though the cutoff for the HSF is 1945 I still think this project can count.

During the war women used headscarves like this to keep their hair away from machinery, so I thought this style could have been used during the war and was kept on after it. But then I could be completely off base. This project was two firsts for me. 1) This is the first time I've sewn with knit jersey.  2) This is the first completely hand-sewn project since I was around 6. I completed this over three days but if you are using a machine I think this could be a great instant gratification kind of project. I stitched a line with dark thread so I would know where i needed to turn the seam.
Then I ironed on that line and folded the raw edge  under and did a hem stitch to sew it down. The trim is just three pieces of fabric braided together without finishing those edges. I had to redo the braid three times till I was happy with it. I apologize for the grainy pictures, I had to use my school's ipad to take the picture because I stupidly forgot my camera at home.

The Challenge: # 3 Pink

Fabric: Raspberry colored Jersey
Pattern: McCall 1358 

Year: 1947 but I think it would work for the war years as well

Notions: none

Hours to complete: 3 days with one intense day of hand-sewing and two of cutting and doing the trim.

First worn: Right when I finished it to see how it looked and then for pictures 

Total cost: When I get home I can figure this one out 

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Little Help

So I know not many people read my blog yet but I thought I would reach out anyway. I am a college student and this semester I have to opportunity to travel to Ireland for one of my classes. I want to be a grief counselor in the near future and in Ireland I want to study the grief process involved in such a drawn out conflict. If everyone who looks at this could go to http://www.gofundme.com/6dpun8 and just make a donation it would really help me out. I know there are bills to pay and fabric to buy so any little bit would help. I have $1,400 out of the $3,500 so I'm not just relying on donations, I had some money saved from my summer job after I got home from my semester abroad in England. Thank You.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My First Entry in the 2014 Historical Sew Fortnightly

So I decided to dive into the 2014 Historical Sew Fortnightly hosted by the wonderful Leimomi. 
She hosted the same event last year but most of the sewing I did fell outside of the dates for the challenges. This year the date has been extended to 1945, so my WW2 pattern stash can finally be put to work!  The first challenge was in spirit of the WW2 campaign for 'Make Do & Mend' a huge task for those on the home front in Europe and the US because of rationing. Ironically I chose a pattern that would have worked for last years challenge; a reprint of Simplicity 1353 dated 1934 from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library (Evadress.com also has a reprint of the pattern in a larger size, the one from VPLL is a medium) The pattern consists of a hat, collar, gloves, and a purse. I made the collar for this challenge from fabric left over from my 1937 skirt.

I had to cannibalize the scrap piece left to match the grainlines but it worked! I also lined the collar in some of the fashion fabric because of the reveres that would show the lining and also I wanted the front piece line in the flannel for warmth and stability. The other bits of lining came from my 1936 suit skirt  lining (again post to follow) but those grainlines don't match up because the word cannibalize doesn't even cover what I had to do to those scraps though I am proud to say I only had to piece together one section of the collar. This pattern is a good example of the "expectation and reality" of sewing because unless you are magic those points don't come out as pointy as the picture and the revers aren't quite as picturesque as the drawing, (till you press them within an inch of their lives and then tack them down.) But I am insanely in love with this piece and I do plan on making more.

1930 Ladies Hat, Gloves, Purse and Collar EnsembleThe Challenge: # 1 Make Do & Mend

Fabric: 100% Brushed Cotton in a Blue and Black Herringbone pattern and Navy poly/cotton lining.

Pattern: Vintage Pattern Lending Library 1930 Ladies Hat, Gloves, Purse and Collar Ensemble a reproduction of Simplicity 1353

Year: 1934

Notions: One Button

Hours to complete: It took 4 days of on/off sewing

First worn: Not yet. Audrey had the pleasure though I do plan on wearing it for an upcoming lunch date.

Total cost: Pattern $15 but since it has four items I'm saying the pattern for the collar cost $3.75, Fabric from stash, Button and thread also from stash. So all in all it cost me $3.75 to make.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Blue Brushed Cotton Skirt

I was planning on submitting this skirt for Fall for Cotton sew along hosted by Rochelle at

http://luckylucille.com but because my tights kept sticking to the fabric it needed to be lined and the lining is not cotton so there goes my entry.The skirt itself is 100% Brushed Cotton in a Blue and Black Herringbone pattern. I used Pictorial Review Pattern 8898 from 1937 and made view 1 which is the Ballerina style 10 gored skirt. I finally got my serger working so all the seams are overlocked and I used bias tape and hem tape for the hems. You add belting to the top of the skirt instead of a waistband and I'm not sure how I feel about doing that because the belting is scratchy. Next time I think I might try and sandwich the belting in between the fashion fabric and the lining.  I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the drape is beautiful and the fabric is soft and made of warmz, plus it flairs when you twirl so obviously it's a winner. Also I finished this in September right before I left for England for my fall semester abroad and I didn't have any pictures of it finished before now.I will update pictures once it has a night out!

The Scoop:

Fabric: 100% Brushed Cotton in a Blue and Black Herringbone pattern Lining: Ice Blue poly/cotton
Pattern: Pictorial Review 8898
Year: 1937
Notions: Zipper, belting, hem tape
Hours: Hehehe my serger was misbehaving so it took a while
First worn?: Soon my pretty very soon........
Wear again?: Did I mention it flairs out when your twirl?
Make again?: I'd like to, I'm just not sure what fabric to do it in again

Total cost: Pattern $8.63 ($17.25 divided by 2 skirts), Fabric cotton was a gift and lining was $5.99, zipper $1.49, hem tape from stash, belting from stash so the skirt cost $16.11 to make. Plus I had enough fabric left to make another project......

Thursday, December 12, 2013

An we have another giveaway!

Wearing history is offering three prizes

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Pop over to http://wearinghistoryblog.com/2013/12/wearing-history-holiday-giveaway/  for all the detail! Good Luck :)