Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christmas came Early!!

This is a grainy picture of the newest addition to my sewing space!! She is a Singer 150G Adjustable Dress form, and for $99 she became my early Christmas present from my grandmother. I asked for suggestions for a name from my friends and I do believe she will be named Audrey. She modeled almost my whole collection for me today so I could get a feel of how close she is to my body shape. We're pretty close I just have to figure out how to lock in her height better because she keeps getting shorter each time I put something on or take it off. Audrey is going to be extremely helpful because over winter break I hope to learn (teach myself) to draft/ drape my own patterns. I'm so grateful that I have an awesome grandmother who supports my sewing, I'm working on a suit for her and doing of the mock-up of the jacket and I can't wait to have something to give to her for a change.