Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Loot!

So I recently went on a fabric buying extravaganza, my bank account has been shuddering in fear ever since. But  I thought it would be nice you use my blog as a planning mechanism to keep track of what I've purchased, what I plan on doing with it and then getting to post about the finished product. Also included in this post are Christmas presents that I received since I'm a bad blogger....

1. Two Yards of this great Marcus Brother Blue Plaid Cotton Flannel Fabric with these cute matching buttons. I don't have the pattern yet (it's possible it might show up for Christmas Yay Christmas. Mummum got me the pattern not only for the hooded blouse but also the overalls/trousers!)

2 & 3. Simplicity 1957, a 1930's coat with cape. This counts as two because I've gotten fabric to make a hip length mock up (black, cream, white outer fabric with jade green lining and black buttons) from the pattern as well as a fabric for the full length version.

4. Simplicity 4366. Some of you may recognize the pattern from my Red Ike Jacket. I got an Olive corduroy for the jacket with the peplum and matching skirt!

5. A modern pencil skirt Butterick 6060 for go with a store bought top.

6. Butterick 6094 by Gertie! in awesome Blackberry fabric with a fushia/burgundy accent on the back collar. (oh and don't ask about the fabric names because I don't think the burgundy is appropriate for that color but who knows what JoAnn's was thinking

7. Chemise, under petticoat and the strapless stays from Fitting and Proper (green)

8.  Colonial Jacket C from Janet Arnold and a petticoat from Waverly Curtains

9. Colonial short gown and petticoat. Polkadots for the short gown! Pattern from Fitting and Proper

10. Christmas Present Fabric! for Simplicity 3489. The fabric is from  pop over and take a look!

11. Christmas Bonus! Mummum also got me Gertie Sews Casual so now I get to learn how to sew with knits!!