Friday, October 31, 2014

HSF Challenge 22: Gentlemen

Wow it looks like I don't have hands in this picture....
So my Halloween costume ended up doubling as a HSF Challenge, specifically Challenge #22: Gentlemen. The aim of the challenge was to either create a garment for a man or a menswear inspired piece for a woman. Well I made overalls so I guess that counts!  I went as a Woman's Land Army: Crop Corps member. The overall's are made with denim from my stash, it has some stretch so I'm assuming the fabric has lycra in it (not historically accurate but using up the stash, yay!) The buttons, zipper and bias tape are also from stash. The only thing I had to purchase was the pattern. I used Wearing History's Overall pattern (I see jeans and other pants in my future) during Lauren's Kickstarter campaign. I chose not to line the bodice and instead I used bias tape to face it. The tops of the pockets are also faced. The buttons were from something my grandmother gave me to chop up but I can remember what. The hem is hand stitched and so it the zipper. I added a zipper instead of the button placket because 1 I didn't feel like making all those buttonholes, 2 I didn't have more of the same buttons in the stash and 3 I wasn't quite sure how to attach the placket so I try that another time when I don't have a deadline. With the overalls I made a WLA armband. I used red and navy yarn for the design and some scrap navy fabric for the main piece. These overalls are super comfy once you get used to the lower crotch length. Mummum gave me the shirt to wear with it and then I just wore my brown boots to complete the look. I feel like I should have my hair in a bandanna or a snood but oh well.

The Scoop:

Fabric: Stretch Denim from the Stash
Pattern: Wearing History Overall and Trouser Pattern
Year: 1940's

Notions: Bias tape in two colors for top and pockets, two button and a zipper.
Hours to Complete: Sewn over 4 days including a mock up
First worn?: Halloween
Make again?: Yes! plus pants and shorts and a short overall playsuit too!
Total cost: $12 for the pattern but everything else came from the stash.
I'll Leave you with a picture of me wearing my new overalls with my red wool Ike Jacket! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

American Duchess Strikes Again!

Let me introduce Virginia a perfect fit for your 1580-1630 costuming needs!
American Duchess collaborated with Jamestown to create a unisex style shoe that looks fantastic and I'm sure is super comfy.  Pop on over to her blog following the link below and enter her giveaway to have your very own pair!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go (HSF #18)

So I've been flirting for years with the 18th Century and I've finally jumped. I ordered some lovely linen from (use coupon code ilovelinen for 7% off) and immediately started to work. I drafted a pocket pattern based on Costume Close-Up: Clothing Construction and Pattern 1750-1790 by Linda Banumgarten & John Watson with Florine Carr. I used my fabric swatches from for the (uneven) squares and then linen from for the lining and the back of the pocket. I'm going to bind the pocket with 1/2" linen tape from once I know how long I want the waist tape. The pocket also qualifies for the Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge 18: Poetry in Motion because of this little poem:

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it;
Not a penny was there in it,
Only ribbon round it.

The poem was written during the 19th century and is possibly about two courtesans in King Charles II's court. So without further ado here is my first completely handsewn (with linen thread mind you) 18th century project.

Sorry for the poor photo I'm away at school and I only have my iTouch to take pictures with. The waistband is sewn on yet because I don't want to make it the wrong size because I don't have my stays made yet (or my shift for that matter). But I'm pretty proud of it for being my first completely handsewn item.

The Scoop:

Fabric: White Linen and Linen from fabric swatches, sewn with linen thread
Pattern: Costume Close-Up
Year: 1740-1770

Notions: Linen tape for a waistband (not applied yet), beeswax for the thread
Hours to Complete: Sewn over 5 days
First worn?: not yet
Make again?: Yes but I think I'm going to try and embroider one
Total cost: The swatches cost $5.25, and a whole yard of linen cost $6.37 but I might have used a little under a quarter yard for the backing and lining so about $1.50 coming to a total of $6.75