Tuesday, May 8, 2012

McCall's 3378

This is the pattern I used to make my ill fated jumper. Why is it ill fated you ask? Well after making a mock up that fit it's disheartening when your finished product is too big. I figure I can solve this problem with a thicker sweater underneath. Then as in my other post I mentioned the invisible zipper. It's not perfect but because it's my first one I can let the imperfections go. I had to rip that one out because I realized I used the wrong size, the zipper I used was meant for another dress. The inside seams are all encased in bias tape aka a Hong Kong finish. I had to use white instead of brown because Joanns was out. Oh well just another little imperfection that I can live with because no one will see it. I am making the red skirt on the front with the pockets. It's coming along nicely even though I've never done pockets before. I added some rickrack along the bottom of the pockets just for some detail. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week and then I can ask my grandmother to take some pictures of me in both. I do need to make a fluffy petticoat so the skirt has the right shape. (Hmmm so many options, any pointers on making a 50's petticoat?) I finished the red skirt and once again forgot I didn't re-size the pattern so I had to adjust it the day before I was supposed to wear it and I made it too small. Both the skirt and jumper are on my sewing table waiting for me to finish the so expect another update on both of these crazy projects soon. (I hand finished the hem in the car and then ripped it out when I got home because it looked so bad.)
In the meantime here is a picture of me and M at his graduation. You can't really see the skirt but I think it's a cute picture of us. I wore the too small skirt for the event and it worked out ok because of the belt that I had made (and secured with safety pins because I didn't have time to put on snaps)


Soo it's 11:30 and I can't sleep. I just got home from college two days ago and I have so much I want to do. I received 4 more patterns from the Vintage Lending Library which I am sure will pop up in a later post. I finished the jumper I was working on, which pictures will follow soon once I replace the zipper. I used the wrong one so I had to rip it out (again, this was my first invisible zipper and it didn't go quite the way I wanted) I'm finishing up a skirt made from the same pattern except the skirt has extra large pockets. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about these pockets! I have to put an invisible zip in this one too so hopefully this time it goes better. I went on a printing frenzy at school and have more patterns than I probably need (plus the ones I bought from Etsy) but then can you really have too many patterns? Plus in the midst of my jonesing to sew I have to clean up/out my room (which is half the basement) and organize all of the stuff in there so I can actually sew down there. I usually use the dining room table, and also I want to update the furniture. My bedroom set is about 6 years old and a bit too young for me anymore I think, so I'm working on getting a futon and a dresser to match. I have some ideas for making a two sided desk from a table top my aunt got me plus some old bookshelves that our in the garage. I want the room separated into a living space and a sewing space so I see some lightweight curtains in the future of this room too. Well I think that is enough rambling about pointless things. Maybe I'll go work on my skirt for a bit before I turn into a pumpkin....